Take Climate Action🌱🌏


Central to our Collaborate kaupapa is the strength of community. For us, this is not just about volunteering, but also about showing that we’re committed to, investing in and speaking up about improving New Zealand as a whole.

The organisations we partner with are working to address issues across the social and environmental sector in New Zealand and elsewhere. Climate change is an emergency that will make it harder for almost all of those organisations to continue the great work that they do, putting pressure on resources and creating new social and environmental crises to solve.

We’d like to encourage all of our Collaborate community to add your voice to shaping New Zealand’s response to the climate crisis by writing a submission on the Zero Carbon Act Bill by Tuesday 16 July 5pm at www.parliament.nz/ZeroCarbon


Not sure where to start?

Check out this comprehensive guide by Gen Zero that you can use to get some inspiration


The most important thing is to start by telling your own personal story about who you are and why climate action matters to you. Here are some tips from the Green Party:

  1. Start by introducing yourself. Personal stories and perspectives will help make your submission more unique, and therefore give it more weight.

  2. State what you support in the bill, what you would like changed, and why.

  3. Your submission can be as short or long as you like. Think about how you communicate your point effectively to somebody who knows nothing about you.

  4. Take time write your submission well. Formally written, logical submissions with facts and references to back them up will be better considered and therefore hold more weight. Quality over quantity!

  5. Specify if you would like to speak at a public hearing and add your name. The Environment Select Committee will not be accepting anonymous, or un-named submissions. 

  6. Refer to the Zero Carbon Bill as it is formally known -  the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill.   

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