Keeping the app and collaboration humming is our volunteer-powered team, based all over New Zealand. 

Holly Norton - Director and Co-founder Collaborate.png

Holly Norton

Director and co-founder

With a background in grassroots and international development, she looks mostly for opportunities to facilitate collaboration across different parts of government, community groups and individuals. Before directing Collaborate she volunteered with Initiatives of Change and several grassroots initiatives whilst living in Thailand.

Ceara McAuliffe Bickerton - Co-founder Collaborate.png

Ceara McAuliffe BIckerton


Ceara has a background in working with start-up companies in New York, Los Angeles and London and is currently working at CreativeHQ in Wellington. She has experience volunteering for both local and international NGO’s. She brings her knowledge of the start-up process and volunteering to inform her work at Collaborate.

Poppy Norton - Co-founder Collaborate.png

Poppy norton


Coming from a background in Education and Psychology, Poppy’s work has a large focus on empowering young adults to discover and achieve their full potential. She has a great amount of experience volunteering in the community and brings this knowledge and passion to her role in Collaborate. Poppy's leadership and passion has been recognised and was a recipient of the Rotary Youth Leadership award, 2016 and was named a finalist in the 2017 and 2018 Women of Influence Awards.

Sophie Harker - Co-founder Collaborate.png

Sophie harker


Coming from a background in law and psychology, Sophie is passionate about social enterprise and getting involved in her community.  After working in a law firm in London she is now working at a large law firm in Wellington. She brings her legal knowledge and experience volunteering to her role at Collaborate.