NZ Hi-tech Award Finalist

We are extremely proud to announce that Collaborate was named a finalist in the NZ Hi-tech Awards for 2018 under the Most Innovative Technology Solution for the Public Good category.  

Collaborate has been built by the community for the community, which is why this is such a special achievement.  If you are one of the hundreds of people who has consulted on, co-designed and used Collaborate then this is for you!  While the technology helps the connections, it is the people, the volunteers and the community organisations that really make a difference.  We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped shape Collaborate and turn it into what it is today. 



We would like to take the opportunity to make two special mentions.  

Ceara Product Lead

Ceara McAuliffe Bickerton

Ceara is our Product Lead. Without all of your hardwork, insight and many, many hours of dedication we would not be here today.


The team behind the code! Again, without you we would not have Collaborate. You took our vision and made it a reality. We love that you too are driven by values and volunteered your time and skills to make Collaborate.