Collaborate has begun its residency at Mahuki – Te Papa’s innovation accelerator programme and we couldn't be any more thrilled.

Mahuki is an innovation hub to give entrepreneurs a platform for digital and experiential product innovation in the GLAM (gallery, library, archive and museum) sector.

For 4 months, Founder and Director, Holly Norton will be working full-time on Collaborate and will be based out of Te Papa.

Mahuki's 2017 cohort

Mahuki's 2017 cohort


Collaborate has huge potential to benefit the cultural sector as volunteers are quintessential to the operation of galleries, libraries and museums world over. Collaborate is a tool that streamlines the process of finding, screening and matching those volunteers; removing some of the most time and resource intensive aspects of this essential process.

We are thrilled to have been selected, alongside 8 other entrepreneurial teams to be part of this accelerator programme.

Mahuki's General Manager Tui is excited by the quality of applications the residency has attracted from all over the country.

“The calibre of the Mahuki teams for 2017 is high.  Their solutions span experience and enterprise solutions including collection management, insights and analytics, virtual and augmented reality, social enterprises focused on language preservation, volunteer workforce management, and a student team focused on learning innovation,” she says.


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