Beta Launch

We have been working with community organisations and volunteers to make it easier to connect since 2015.

During this time, we’ve interviewed and surveyed hundreds of volunteers and community organisations and found that people want to connect, but it’s currently too hard.

9 out of 10 volunteers we surveyed said they struggled to find volunteer opportunities, especially ones that matched their skills, interests and time they have available.

Collaborate changes this by filtering volunteering opportunities by time required, and further specifies whether the opportunity is one-off, ongoing or project based. Volunteers can also search by skills required, interest areas and by location.

What’s a beta product?

A beta version of a product is the first time anyone outside of Collaborate will get to use the app.

The reason we have launched the beta version is so we can hear from the people Collaborate has been created to help. It’s a chance to get actual feedback from people actually using our app, so we can update and refine the application to make sure it is meeting the expectations of the community of users.

As much as we like to think it is, we know at this stage, Collaborate isn’t perfect. We want to hear your feedback.

How does the beta version of Collaborate work?

Although it’s a beta version of the application, the volunteering opportunities and the community organisations are real and need your help. Beta volunteers are able to search through the opportunities available and apply for the roles that match their skills and interests.

A volunteer creates a Collaborate profile by signing up with their Facebook account. From there, you create your own profile, which is what organisations see when you apply for their volunteering opportunity.

Organisations create a volunteering opportunity through an online form, which is then uploaded to the app, with their requirements and requests. We’ll be launching with a web app. This means it won’t be downloaded from an app store, but in a browser. You’ll be able to save it to your home screen though, so it can be quickly accessed like you would with an app. Launching with a web app means we can make changes quickly, without everyone needing to download the latest version when we do.

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