Volunteer in Auckland - Nick

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

I am originally from Nelson and did a BA majoring in politics before moving to Auckland last year to do my Masters in Public Policy for which my dissertation is on policy change and the voting age.


What volunteer opportunities have you been involved in or are you currently involved in?

I currently do research and curriculum development and facilitate workshops for CivX which is an organisation that presents civics and citizenship education workshops to schoolkids and community groups. I also get to present workshops.

I also help run the student-focused Stray Theatre Company and have previously volunteered for the P3 Foundation and The Opportunity Space.


I love seeing people make things happen and achieve their aims so it is very rewarding to be able to use what skills and knowledge I have to contribute to this.

Who is your biggest hero or inspiration?

Charlie Norton, the founder of The Opportunity Space. {In all seriousness} his example motivated me to get involved in more organisations. Charlie has had a lot of incredible experiences and wanted to make sure as many others as possible got to do so as well. That he did so while fighting against the traditional pathway to success is all the more inspiring.


What is your mantra or what is the most important value you live by?

'A delo byvalo - i koza volka s'yedala' - Pigs might fly


What do you love about Collaborate?

I am really impressed by how it has not only become a useful, practical tool as well as a passion project but its practicality is actually enabling that passion.