Mahuki Showcase

Wow, these past four months have absolutely flown by.  We can't believe our time at Mahuki is nearly up.  

For those who don't know, Mahuki is Te Papa's accelerator programme, for the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector.  We were honoured to have been selected to take part in the programme, allowing us a space to test and grow our ideas for Collaborate.  

Last night we presented our pitch about Collaborate, our dreams and goals, but also what we have achieved so far.  You can watch the whole pitch below:

Reflecting back on our time at Mahuki, there are so many things to be grateful for - the support from the Mahuki staff and Te Papa; the incredible mentors we had; and all of the expertise and insight we receive.  For us, one of the best things about the programme was being surrounded by all of the talented entrepreneurs.  The Mahuki teams are so driven and passionate about everything they do, we are so excited to see what amazing things they continue to achieve in the future. 


Check out the Mahuki teams here:

I Want To Experience
Use virtual reality to take audiences behind the scenes to meet artists, conservators and story tellers.

Augmented reality and gamified educational experiences.

Tide Talk
A language learning tool that teaches Pacific languages and gives cultural context for that language.

Morph by ContinUX
Data gathering analysis to help institutions understand the way their visitors move and interact with exhibits.

Vaka Interactiv
Digital portraits that interact with exhibition visitors.

A cataloguing and collections app that streamlines the lending and borrowing process.

A programme that connects culture sector retail stores with local creatives.


You can find out more about the teams here.  Alternatively if you are a fan of podcasts you can hear all about the Mahuki teams thanks to Access Granted


Last night was an absolute blast.  We are so proud of Holly and her pitch, and all of the other Mahuki teams.  You can read more about last night's showcase here.