If you are a charity, social enterprise, community group or just a group of people creating positive change in New Zealand you are in the right place.

Join the community of over 180 organisations who use and support Collaborate.


How does Collaborate work? 

Collaborating is easy, just follow these simple steps. 

Register as an organisation

Step 1 

Register as an organisation

First step is to register as an organisation.   You can do this even if you don’t have a volunteer opportunity right now.  By signing up your profile will be ready to go as soon as you do.

Submit an opportunity.png

Step 2

Submit an opportunity

Once registered you can submit an opportunity at any time through the link below.  

Receive applications.png

Step 3

Receive Applications

As soon as a volunteer expresses an interest in your opportunity and have the skills you’re looking for, you will instantly receive their profile by email.


Step 4

Contact your applicants

From there you can start emailing the volunteers who look perfect for your role.  Once you have found the perfect match, let us know and we will close the opportunity for you. 

Step 5

Share your success

 We love to hear when a community organisation finds the perfect volunteer.  

Step 6 

Keep Collaborating

Need more volunteers for other opportunities?  Submit another opportunity using the same form as before.  


We are currently in beta which means that more features to help you recruit and manage volunteers will be coming in the future. This is just our first version so we welcome any feedback you have so that we can create features you want to see in the future. You can read more about being beta here.