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Girls2Girls Connection

Girls2Girls is a program run by young women for girls aged 10-16 from refugee backgrounds. The program aims to help these high school-aged girls integrate into New Zealand society by providing a series of workshops, mentoring and volunteering opportunities. The Girls2Girls connection program is an initiative of the Refugee Orientation Trust (ROC Trust)

One of the most important things we do as part of Live Life is match the young person with an older mentor who volunteers an hour or two a week to provide them with support and a guiding hand to achieve their training/employment goals. We do this because we firmly believe that each generation has so much to offer the other, for the older mentor they gain a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment and have the satisfaction of making a real difference for the next generation.

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Third Culture Minds

Third Culture Minds is a non-profit profit organisation dedicated to advancing the mental health and wellbeing of migrant and refugee youth in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We believe that positive wellbeing outcomes is essential for helping young people of migrant and refugee background reach their full potential. Third Culture Minds seeks to address the systematic and socio-cultural factors that exacerbate the mental health of young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds suffer disproportionately when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. These issues are compounded by a lack of data and third culture lived experiences informing policy and service delivery. Third Culture Minds has been established to address the socio-cultural and systematic factors which contribute to the apparent unequal outcomes.

Our mission is to build a culture in Aotearoa New Zealand whereby young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds are able to unlock their full potential, and improve their mental health and wellbeing, while also being supported by culturally responsive and accessible services, platforms, tools and resources, which provide the same excellent quality of services regardless of their ethnicity, race or origin.

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Shakti Ethnic Women's Support Group Wellington

Shakti is a community organisation support Asian, African and Middle-Eastern migrant and refugee women children and youth survivors of family violence. We provide culturally appropriate and specialist support services such as casework support, advocacy, legal support, refuge accommodation and counselling. We are a member organisation of Shakti Community Council and have are refuge based in Upper Hutt and a drop in centre office in Newtown in Wellington.

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New Zealand Red Cross

Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilising the power of humanity and enhancing community resilience.

In New Zealand

Every day we work to help New Zealanders – whether that’s providing a hot meal, a safe drive to the hospital or education programmes at a local high school.


We help communities affected by emergencies and conflict all over the world. As we often say, disasters don't discriminate - neither do we.

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