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Third Culture Minds

Third Culture Minds is a non-profit profit organisation dedicated to advancing the mental health and wellbeing of migrant and refugee youth in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We believe that positive wellbeing outcomes is essential for helping young people of migrant and refugee background reach their full potential. Third Culture Minds seeks to address the systematic and socio-cultural factors that exacerbate the mental health of young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds suffer disproportionately when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. These issues are compounded by a lack of data and third culture lived experiences informing policy and service delivery. Third Culture Minds has been established to address the socio-cultural and systematic factors which contribute to the apparent unequal outcomes.

Our mission is to build a culture in Aotearoa New Zealand whereby young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds are able to unlock their full potential, and improve their mental health and wellbeing, while also being supported by culturally responsive and accessible services, platforms, tools and resources, which provide the same excellent quality of services regardless of their ethnicity, race or origin.

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Samaritans of Wellington Inc.

Samaritans vision is that fewer people die by suicide. We provide a 24/7 telephone helpline to support callers experiencing mental health issues, such as loneliness, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Our telephone helpline is operated by volunteers who are trained to listen in a non-judgemental, supportive way to empower callers to explore their own solutions to their situation.

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Supporting Families in Mental Illness, Canterbury

People who are struggling to cope with a family member with a serious mental illness or have lost someone to suicide need caring, confidential help and support.

Supporting Families in Mental Illness have highly trained and experienced Fieldworkers who are able to help people to understand mental illness, the mental health services and suicide bereavement. They are also able to advocate to health and other agencies, to provide information, educational courses and groups for people with similar experiences to get together.

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Maia Health Foundation

A young organisation already having a major impact in our community raising money for game-changing projects for Canterbury’s health system. The current two projects are – a future-proofed rooftop helipad at Christchurch hospital and various enhancements to the children's spaces and wards in the new Acute Services Building at Christchurch Hospital.

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