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The Soil & Health Association is the largest membership organisation supporting organic food and farming in New Zealand and one of the oldest organic organisations in the world, established in 1941.
We are committed to advocating our maxim “Healthy Soil – Healthy Food – Healthy People” and to creating an organic New Zealand. Our activities include:
- Publishing Organic NZ – New Zealand’s leading organics magazine
- Supporting the development of research into organics
- Promoting organic production methods
- Work to curb pesticide use, provide information and education on the effect of pesticides on health and the environment
- Support local and national initiatives to halt chemical trespass
- Work to keep NZ farming, our food supply and the environment free of genetic engineering, pesticides and additives
- Provide information to key stakeholders including growers and consumers on how to grow, buy and eat fresh, safe organic food and issues recontamination in the food chain
- Work on behalf of its members to lobby local and central Government – influencing future policy
- Operate the Project Gro fund to assist school, maraes and community gardens with financial support to establish or redevelop organic gardens or provide mentoring support

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