Mainland Island Restoration Operation (MIRO) Incorporated

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Working in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council (GW), MIRO's aim is to protect and restore the native flora and fauna in the Northern Forest and Parangarahu Lakes areas of East Harbour Regional Park (EHRP) by greatly reducing pest animal numbers (especially possums, mustelids and hedgehogs) through continuing to improve and maintain an extensive trapping network. We are also working with GW and local Iwi to reintroduce locally-sourced native trees at the Parangarahu Lakes by planting out trees from the MIRO nursery in 11 fenced plots. A new activity initiated by MIRO over the past two years, with the support of HCC and an MfE conservation grant, has been the roll-out of an intensive trapping network (targeting mustelids, hedgehogs and rats) across the urban area of Eastbourne and the Bays, and also extending to the foreshore. When completed, this network will result in a Mountains-to-Sea solution to the threats posed by possums and mustelids, which will result in a healthier forest and a better chance for ground-nesting bird species. MIRO also undertakes other activities in line with our mission, such as protecting nesting banded dotterels on the Eastbourne foreshore and at Parangarahu Lakes.

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