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The Circus Hub

The Circus Hub is a charitable trust located in Newtown, Wellington. Our school offers training space for professional circus performers and students, recreational classes for all ages and abilities, as well as social circus classes that strive to include underserved communities in Wellington.

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Muscular Dystrophy Association (Tuaatara | Central Region)

We are a disabled persons’ organisation (one of only seven in NZ recognised under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability). Our role is to represent, advocate for, and support the hundreds of people living with neuromuscular conditions (progressive muscle wasting disabilities) across the whole lower North Island.

Our vision is for our members to live their lives with ‘freedom beyond limits’

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Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA

The Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA is an intimate (8 hectare) dynamic and synergistic, agroecological production system in South Wairarapa. We grow a wide variety of crops, animals and people designed to support 100-150 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) families/members.
Our business is the culmination of years of study, on-farm research and experience gained by the co-founders Josje Neerincx and Frank van Steensel (EcoDynamics Ltd). Our farm employs 5 part-time staff and makes room for volunteers, interns and wwoofers to experience our farming practises.
CSA’s are new to New Zealand, but popular in other parts of the world. They provide an opportunity for consumers to develop a closer relationship with the producers of their food. Members subscribe for harvest shares for a season or more. These harvest shares guarantee them a share of the harvest and we accommodate different sizes for smaller or bigger families and provide add-ons such as fruit and eggs.

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Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts is an entirely volunteer-run charity dedicated to ensuring that ALL BABIES in New Zealand get the best start in life.

We give away FREE life-changing baby boxes to vulnerable families, containing everything a baby needs at birth, plus extra health and safety items. We also provide safe sleeping spaces, strollers, baby baths, high chairs and more wherever needed.

Our packs go to babies selected by social workers at our incredible Charity Partners. This includes: Heart Kids NZ, the Women's Refuge, Red Cross Refugee Services, the City Mission, Barnardos, Birthright, Family Start programs, teen parent programs, the Mary Potter Hospice, the Neonatal Trust, the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust, Family Works, hospital social workers and more.

Each pack is made up specially for each family - we know that every family (and every baby) has different needs.

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Mainland Island Restoration Operation (MIRO) Incorporated

Working in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council (GW), MIRO's aim is to protect and restore the native flora and fauna in the Northern Forest and Parangarahu Lakes areas of East Harbour Regional Park (EHRP) by greatly reducing pest animal numbers (especially possums, mustelids and hedgehogs) through continuing to improve and maintain an extensive trapping network. We are also working with GW and local Iwi to reintroduce locally-sourced native trees at the Parangarahu Lakes by planting out trees from the MIRO nursery in 11 fenced plots. A new activity initiated by MIRO over the past two years, with the support of HCC and an MfE conservation grant, has been the roll-out of an intensive trapping network (targeting mustelids, hedgehogs and rats) across the urban area of Eastbourne and the Bays, and also extending to the foreshore. When completed, this network will result in a Mountains-to-Sea solution to the threats posed by possums and mustelids, which will result in a healthier forest and a better chance for ground-nesting bird species. MIRO also undertakes other activities in line with our mission, such as protecting nesting banded dotterels on the Eastbourne foreshore and at Parangarahu Lakes.

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Aorangi Restoration Trust

The Aorangi Restoration Trust is a charitable conservation trust with the vision of restoring the biodiversity of the Aorangi Ranges and surrounding areas to the state where the indigenous forest, coastal, and marine ecosystems are healthy, and its streams, rivers, and wetlands are clean and abundantly inhabited, and provide ecosystem services that benefit the rural and urban economies of South Wairarapa and offer places for recreation for the wider Wellington region.​

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Trelissick Park Group

We are made up from the community organisations, working since 1991 to restore Trelissick Park in the Ngaio gorge area to a native bush wilderness. Activities include pest weed and pest animal control, planting (more than 90,000), advocacy and education. The Group has been assisted by community, environmental and corporate groups, scouts/guides and schools, working in collaboration with Wellington City Council.

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Manawa Karioi Society

Manawa Karioi Society manages 13 hectares of land in Island Bay on behalf of the Tapu Te Ranga Trust which is based at Tapu Te Ranga marae: our objectives in managing the land are ecological restoration and provision of recreational opportunities (walking, running, mountain biking, horse riding). Our current priorities are planting climax forest species, weed control, installing track signage and tracking building.

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Waikanae Estuary Care Group

The Waikanae Estuary Care Group looks after the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve in a collaborative partnership with DOC who own the land. The Group has been restoring the 65ha area either side of the Estuary to increase biodiversity. It also seeks to educate visitors about the significant importance of the area and monitor flora and fauna within the Reserve and surrounding KCDC Reserves. Throughout the year it gorws native plants in its Nursery, plants them and then weeds them to ensure good growth.

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We are a group of Makara and Ohariu locals who work to improve the environmental health of Makara and Ohariu - the beach, the estuary and the streams that wind their way up the catchment. Our focus is planting waterways, trapping pests, holding planting work parties and hosting an annual community field day. We are always keen for more volunteers, particularly for our planting days!

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Tanera Gully Restoration Project

We're re-establishing the biodiversity of 7+ hectares of inner Wellington to how it was pre-1830: out with rubbish, organic and inorganic. And in with what used to characterise this portion of Aotearoa. Regular first-Sunday of the month working parties. Volunteers sought to remove pest species, 100-years + of rubbish, trap predators and plant out original species: bring the blaze of late Spring Northern-rata flowers back to the hills of Wellington!

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Parkinson’s New Zealand

Our mission is to provide support, education and information to people with Parkinson’s and Parkinsonism conditions, their carers, whānau and health professionals, and our vision is to make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of people living with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s New Zealand has 35 highly skilled Parkinson’s Community Educators who provide a vital range of free services for people with Parkinson’s and other Parkinsonism conditions throughout New Zealand. Our Community Educators provide home visits, exercise, social and support activities, advice, advocacy and referrals, and organise educational seminars and presentations.

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Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust

Surrogate Grandparents is a New Zealand based Charitable Trust (CC54933) who connects families with surrogate grandparents in order to forge lasting friendships and family bonds.

What problems are we helping to solve?
Social isolation and loneliness are much more serious than just uncomfortable feelings... Research has shown that social isolation and loneliness has been linked with increased mortality, depression, high blood pressure and dementia. These are serious issues in New Zealand and not just for our older generations. Social isolation and loneliness are problems that people struggle with right across New Zealand's social demographics on a daily basis.

How can surrogate grandparents help?
Surrogate Grandparents is the bridge that connects generations. By connecting families with surrogate grandparents and grandparents with our children; we can fight social isolation and loneliness in New Zealand. Working together, we can make New Zealand a more caring and connected nation.

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Kāpiti Startup and Innovation Network

We're passionate about growing our community of Kāpiti innovators, and we think there is a need to create a local startup (and business growth) support network here. So if you want to talk about Startups, Tech and the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle - and share thoughts around how to start up, what works, investment tips, lean startup thinking and the right steps to get your business off the ground (or expand) then you've found the right group.

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Girls2Girls Connection

Girls2Girls is a program run by young women for girls aged 10-16 from refugee backgrounds. The program aims to help these high school-aged girls integrate into New Zealand society by providing a series of workshops, mentoring and volunteering opportunities. The Girls2Girls connection program is an initiative of the Refugee Orientation Trust (ROC Trust)

One of the most important things we do as part of Live Life is match the young person with an older mentor who volunteers an hour or two a week to provide them with support and a guiding hand to achieve their training/employment goals. We do this because we firmly believe that each generation has so much to offer the other, for the older mentor they gain a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment and have the satisfaction of making a real difference for the next generation.

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Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa

The Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) was established in July 2018 to foster socially inclusive communities where everyone has equitable opportunities to meaningfully engage with digital technologies, and benefit from the use of them.

We aim to enhance the confidence and capability of people living in New Zealand to engage online to advance their own education, employment, health and well-being as well as that of their whānau.

The Alliance acts as a catalyst for digital inclusion initiatives, by working with local communities, not-for-profit organisations, business enterprises and government agencies to pursue a shared digital inclusion vision.

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