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We are Zeal. We are a family of passionate, creative misfits who believe that every young kiwi is creative and who dedicate our lives to helping them discover, express and develop their unique creativity.

We run youth development centres and services in West Auckland, Hamilton, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Kāpiti and Wellington. We also help young people in crisis online through our Online Crisis Intervention service.

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Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust

Surrogate Grandparents is a New Zealand based Charitable Trust (CC54933) who connects families with surrogate grandparents in order to forge lasting friendships and family bonds.

What problems are we helping to solve?
Social isolation and loneliness are much more serious than just uncomfortable feelings... Research has shown that social isolation and loneliness has been linked with increased mortality, depression, high blood pressure and dementia. These are serious issues in New Zealand and not just for our older generations. Social isolation and loneliness are problems that people struggle with right across New Zealand's social demographics on a daily basis.

How can surrogate grandparents help?
Surrogate Grandparents is the bridge that connects generations. By connecting families with surrogate grandparents and grandparents with our children; we can fight social isolation and loneliness in New Zealand. Working together, we can make New Zealand a more caring and connected nation.

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We are a group of students from Rototuna Senior High School participating in a student lead impact project where we have to organise a community planting day.

Sow Good is an impact project that is environmentally based. Over the past couple of months, students have been learning about the impact of cutting down too many trees have on the environment. They have also learned that not all the trees that are cut down are being replaced only some. Although in New Zealand we have a green clean image it is gradually going down because of the new roads (like the Waikato Expressway). With the Waikato Expressway right behind our Kura, our school and the new houses that are being developed around, we thought that the level of vegetation will be low due to the loss of farmland. To fix this we plan to plant 5000 trees.

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