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We are Zeal. We are a family of passionate, creative misfits who believe that every young kiwi is creative and who dedicate our lives to helping them discover, express and develop their unique creativity.

We run youth development centres and services in West Auckland, Hamilton, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Kāpiti and Wellington. We also help young people in crisis online through our Online Crisis Intervention service.

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The New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust

The New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust accepts and cares for all New Zealand birds whether they are native, non-native or pet. Every bird in New Zealand is a NZ bird to us. We assist thousands of birds each year (between 4000 and 5000), many being the victims of cat attacks, road accidents, pollution (such as fishing line and nylon entanglements and botulism) or human cruelty.

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Educating Girls Globally

Educating Girls Globally is a New Zealand registered charity aiming to improve the standard of, and access to, girls' education worldwide. To achieve this aim, we raise funds primarily by motivating New Zealand high schools to run fundraising events in their communities. Since 2013, we have completed a number of construction projects in Malawi, focused on improving educational facilities for girls. These have included two toilet blocks and a security wall at a girls' school, two classrooms at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, and a girls' boarding hostel in rural Malawi.

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Couldrey House

Built in 1857, Couldrey House is an historic Victorian-Edwardian family home surrounded by beautiful gardens within Wenderholm Regional Park. The gracious colonial house sits between Wenderholm Beach and the Puhoi river (each a few minutes walk away through pohutukawa glades) and is furnished in a mixture of styles reflecting the eras and preoccupations of some notable past owners. With nine rooms on display over two storeys, visitors are warmly welcomed by our volunteer hosts for a small entrance fee.

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Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust

Surrogate Grandparents is a New Zealand based Charitable Trust (CC54933) who connects families with surrogate grandparents in order to forge lasting friendships and family bonds.

What problems are we helping to solve?
Social isolation and loneliness are much more serious than just uncomfortable feelings... Research has shown that social isolation and loneliness has been linked with increased mortality, depression, high blood pressure and dementia. These are serious issues in New Zealand and not just for our older generations. Social isolation and loneliness are problems that people struggle with right across New Zealand's social demographics on a daily basis.

How can surrogate grandparents help?
Surrogate Grandparents is the bridge that connects generations. By connecting families with surrogate grandparents and grandparents with our children; we can fight social isolation and loneliness in New Zealand. Working together, we can make New Zealand a more caring and connected nation.

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Kaipātiki Project

Mo te ao, mo te whanau, mo tatou katoa - For the world, for our families, for all of us

Since 1998 we have been inspiring communities to live sustainably by restoring local bush reserves with our community and developing environmental education programmes for all ages.

Our vision : Connected, resourceful, healthy families, neighbourhoods and communities regenerating our planet’s environmental systems.

Our mission: To unleash the creativity of the community to identify and solve local environmental challenges.

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Auckland Greypower Association Inc.

Formed in 1986, to advocate for seniors heavily taxed by the Govt (50 cents in the dollar for earnings just $40 a week above the pension income) . Thousands joined, and marched in the streets. After 5 years when success was achieved (think social media and now it would have been like 4 - 6 months or less) the numbers reduced but still we are the largest lobby group in NZ, with more members than those belonging to political parties.

We are not a social service agency, but do support seniors to achieve fair and equitable outcomes in disputes with Council and Govt. Benefits include cheaper electricity and gas through our own Greypower Electricity company, $2,000 accident insurance cover free on joining, and quarterly newsletters and magazines which reflect advocacy issues and progress in achieving outcomes.

We hold meetings in central Auckland monthly and provide opportunities for members to discuss matters of concern, hear from Govt Ministers and Councillors, plus others with relevant experiences to share with seniors.

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The Period Place

Periods have the power to be more than just bleeding. They can reduce stigma when you have open conversations. They can combat climate change when you use organic or reusable products. They can contribute to reducing period poverty when you support a venture that gives back.

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Gribblehirst Community Hub

Gribblehirst Community Hub is the home of the Hub and the Commons. It is a thriving community space, focusing on growing, making, gathering, sharing and creativity. The Hub is located in the upstairs of a former lawn bowling club and comprises of a large open hall, a storage area and kitchen while the Commons are located on the former bowling greens. The things that happen here are the things members want to do - knitting, sewing, unschooling, lego, art, craft, robots, electronics, growing, cooking, indoor and outdoor games and play, coaching, enterprise, bike repair, digital fabrication, music, dance, improv... Membership starts from $10/month and close to 100 people are members.

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24/7 support for survivors of sexual violence - support through police interviews, medical examinations, criminal justice process, counselling and psychotherapy for children, young people and their families.

Social media outreach to young people

Prevention of sexual violence.

Preschool programme We Can Keep Safe

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Coeliac New Zealand

Many Coeliac sufferers experience years of painful, debilitating symptoms before they are diagnosed and, because it is a hereditary disease, many must watch their children or grandchildren cope with the same symptoms. For every 70 children enjoying biscuits and cakes at birthday parties, one child will experience symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting or difficulty concentrating courtesy of Coeliac disease.

Coeliac New Zealand is a not-for profit formed in 1973 to promote the welfare of children and adults medically diagnosed with Coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. Coeliac New Zealand is part of a group of internationally recognised organisations that engage in supporting this demographic.

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