Auckland Greypower Association Inc.

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Location | Auckland


Formed in 1986, to advocate for seniors heavily taxed by the Govt (50 cents in the dollar for earnings just $40 a week above the pension income) . Thousands joined, and marched in the streets. After 5 years when success was achieved (think social media and now it would have been like 4 - 6 months or less) the numbers reduced but still we are the largest lobby group in NZ, with more members than those belonging to political parties.

We are not a social service agency, but do support seniors to achieve fair and equitable outcomes in disputes with Council and Govt. Benefits include cheaper electricity and gas through our own Greypower Electricity company, $2,000 accident insurance cover free on joining, and quarterly newsletters and magazines which reflect advocacy issues and progress in achieving outcomes.

We hold meetings in central Auckland monthly and provide opportunities for members to discuss matters of concern, hear from Govt Ministers and Councillors, plus others with relevant experiences to share with seniors.

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