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Welcome to the new way to volunteer

Collaborate is a web app that connects people to volunteer opportunities that match their skills and interests. Collaborate makes volunteering fast, fun and addictive.


An easier way to volunteer

· Sign up
· Swipe through volunteering opportunities that match your skills and interests
· Express an interest
· The organisation or event coordinator will get in touch about volunteering
· Get amongst it all
· You’ll earn badges and build your profile as you go

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Thanks to Collaborate we were quickly able to find a person to take up the vacancy of Branch Treasurer. We are thrilled and am sure our Branch will benefit from the skills and experiences that the person will bring to the role. Thank you to the team at Collaborate for your wonderful app that has helped us.
— Liz, Wellington Branch President, New Zealand Red Cross
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Join the movement

Collaborate has been built for the community by the community. With your help we can make more of a difference.

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