Sometimes your geolocation can appear incorrect if your device is hiding or masking where you are.  This is most commonly done through the use of a PN (private network) or a VPN (virtual private network).  It is becoming more common for businesses to use PNs or VPNs, so it is likely you will come up against this problem if using a work device or work wifi.  

Big companies can set up their own private network (PN) to run over their internet. This means when their staff log into it, it acts as though they have wires going straight to their HQ, allowing them to access files stored on their server.  Virtual PNs are the same, except that you have to join them.  Once you log onto them and you are, suddenly, based wherever the ‘HQ’ is.  This will then tell your device you are in the location of your HQ which may be different to your physical location.  

If this is happening to you we recommend you either deactivate your VPN, if you know how.  Alternatively if the PN is automatic due to using your work wifi we recommend you use data from your phone.