When a volunteer expresses an interest in your role you will receive an email just like this:

From: collaborate@letscollaborate.co.nz
Date: Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 10:42
Subject: You have a new Expression of Interest!

To: [Your email]
Congratulations!  You have a volunteer match through Collaborate!

There is a new expression of interest from [volunteer name] regarding your opportunity: “[volunteer opportunity title]”

What does this mean?
This means a volunteer has seen your volunteer opportunity on Collaborate and chosen to express an interest. You are now able to review their profile (see below) and choose whether you would like reply to this volunteer via their provided email address.

You are under no obligation to reply to the volunteer, but if you would like this volunteer for your advertised role or want to talk to them more about it, you need to email them and get the conversation started.

The details of the volunteer who has expressed an interest in your opportunity are set out below.

Volunteer name: [Volunteer Name]
The application reason is: [Reason]

Send them an email to get in touch: [Their email address]

The volunteer has identified these skills:
- Hands-on
- Education
- Events & Fundraising

The volunteer has identified these interest areas:
- Arts & Culture
- Community
- Elderly
- Food
- Health
- Youth

What happens next?
It’s up to you from here to choose whether to take the volunteer on.  Any further screening or checks you choose to carry out are your responsibility and we expect all volunteers and community organisations who connect through Collaborate to comply with our terms and conditions at all times.  A copy of our terms and conditions is available at our website www.letscollaborate.co.nz

Do I need to let Collaborate know if I accept this volunteer for the role?
No - you can just get started!

However, if you have all the volunteers you need for a role and would like to take down the opportunity from Collaborate, please let us know.  Otherwise, you will continue to receive expressions of interest from volunteers.

Once an opportunity has been completed you will need to let us know how many hours a volunteer does for you and whether you want to award them any skills badges or provide a reference. This is because one of the features of Collaborate that makes finding a volunteer so fast and easy is that all volunteering a volunteer undertakes using Collaborate is recorded on their profile (like the one above). This provides organisations like yours confidence in the volunteers they choose and also rewards volunteers for their efforts. Please note if nothing is shown this volunteer has yet to complete any opportunities through Collaborate.

You can proactively provide this information to us by emailing info@letscollaborate.co.nz at any time.  By accepting a volunteer you agree to provide Collaborate this information upon our request or the request of a volunteer.

Note that we have designed and are currently raising funds to build a tool to make this even easier in future. Keep an eye out for this and other exciting new features launching over the coming months.

Get started
For now it’s over to you to get in touch with this volunteer or keep looking for more awesome volunteers.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Collaborate Team on info@letscollaborate.co.nz or 0277746559.  We are always happy to help and would love to hear any feedback.

The Collaborate Team