Had a volunteer apply for your role?

It’s up to you from here to choose whether to take the volunteer on.  Any further screening or checks you choose to carry out are your responsibility and we expect all volunteers and community organisations who connect through Collaborate to comply with our terms and conditions at all times. 

If you have all the volunteers you need for a role and would like to take down the opportunity from Collaborate, please let us know.  Otherwise, you will continue to receive expressions of interest from volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunity
Did you find a volunteer to fill the role?
If you had a successful match, please answer the next question.
Once an opportunity has been completed you will need to let us know how many hours a volunteer does for you and whether you want to award them any skills badges or provide a reference. This is because one of the features of Collaborate that makes finding a volunteer so fast and easy is that all volunteering a volunteer undertakes using Collaborate is recorded on their profile. This provides organisations like yours confidence in the volunteers they choose and also rewards volunteers for their efforts.